Our Team


Ken Alvarez
Superintedent kalvarez@hernandochristian.org
Cathy McAllister
Principal cmcallister@hernandochristian.org
Mike Drummond
Athletic Director mdrummond@hernandochristian.org

Office & Support Staff

Joanna Zayas
Front Office jzayas@hernandochristian.org
Dianna McCall
Front Office dmccall@hernandochristian.org
Stacy Hethorn
Accounts Receivable shethorn@hernandochristian.org
Jeanie Parker
Business Manager jparker@hernandochristian.org
Suzie Meyers
Project Manager smeyers@hernandochristian.org
Tony Alvarez
Marketing & Admissions talvarez@hernandochristian.org
Jacob VanDeMark
Community Relations & IT jvandemark@hernandochristian.org
Dana Johnson
Elementary Office djohnson@hernandochristian.org
Evie Thomas
Secondary Office ethomas@hernandochristian.org
Bonnie Sullivan
Librarian bsullivan@hernandochristian.org
Jen Klukowski
Kitchen Manager jklukowski@hernandochristian.org
Amy Samson
Sub Coordinator asamson@hernandochristian.org
Levana Sherman
Custodian lsherman@hernandochristian.org
Bobby Blair
Grounds Maintenance
Sam Kautsky
Grounds Maintenance
Jeff Doan
Maintenance jdoan@hernandochristian.org

Elementary & Secondary Faculty

Tracy Moore
Pre-K3 Teacher tmoore@hernandochristian.org
Tammy VanDeMark
Pre-K4 Teacher tvandemark@hernandochristian.org
Brittany Runion
Kindergarten Teacher brunion@hernandochristian.org
Nadine Sioma-Williams
Kindergarten Teacher nsioma@hernandochristian.org
Melissa Kilcrease
1st Grade mkilcrease@hernandochristian.org
Debbie Whitten
2nd Grade dwhitten@hernandochristian.org
Cindy Jacobs
1st & 2nd Grades cjacobs@hernandochristian.org
Lindsay Caldwell
3rd Grade lcaldwell@hernandochristian.org
Bev Hinkson
3rd Grade bhinkson@hernandochristian.org
Ashley Whitten
4th Grade awhitten@hernandochristian.org
Kim Cavender
5th Grade kcavender@hernandochristian.org
Janessa Rivera
5th Grade jrivera@hernandochristian.org
Sasha Barker
6th Grade sbarker@hernandochristian.org
Megan Thomas
6th Grade mthomas@hernandochristian.org
Bonnie Butler
Physical Education bbutler@hernandochristian.org
David Rotteveel
Physical Ed. drotteveel@hernandochristian.org
Justin Crosby
Secondary Bible jcrosby@hernandochristian.org
Naomi Bean
Elementary RISE nbean@hernandochristian.org
Katlynn Cross
Secondary ESOL kcross@hernandochristian.org
Dawn Hester
Secondary Math dhester@hernandochristian.org
Jason Kahler
Secondary Math & Science jkahler@hernandochristian.org
Ashley Lawson
Secondary Science alawson@hernandochristian.org
Linda O'Connor
Secondary Social Studies loconnor@hernandochristian.org
Virginia Norman
Secondary Science vnorman@hernandochristian.org
Kim Rose
Secondary RISE krose@hernandochristian.org
Autumn Stradley
Secondary Social Studies astradley@hernandochristian.org
Michelle Tannoia
Secondary English mtannoia@hernandochristian.org
Margy Wollerton
Secondary English mwollerton@hernandochristian.org
Frank Zayas
Secondary Spanish fzayas@hernandochristian.org
Tracey Kuka
Art Teacher tkuka@hernandochristian.org
Kathey Samson
Computer Teacher ksamson@hernandochristian.org
Rebecca Baker
Teacher Aide rbaker@hernandochristian.org
Hannah Hester
Teacher Aide hhester@hernandochristian.org
Michelle Kruse
Teacher Aide mkruse@hernandochristian.org
Ashlee McBride
Teacher Aide amcbride@hernandochristian.org
Maryann Luckey
Teacher Aide mluckey@hernandochristian.org
Heather Simmons
Teacher Aide asimmons@hernandochristian.org
Courtney Sullivan
Teacher Aide csullivan@hernandochristian.org
Tracey Cupaiuolo

Welcome To HCA

We can't wait for you to visit HCA and see the many benefits that private, Christian education can bring. Look around our website, and when you're ready, schedule a visit and a guided tour with us.

"You can be confident that HCA is a school of integrity, quality and passion. We seek to honor God by giving our very best. It is this mission that has carried us through the last thirty years and will prepare us for the distinguished future ahead."

Ken Alvarez


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