Grades K5-5

At Hernando Christian Academy elementary students embark on a challenging academic course that will successfully prepare them for future endeavors. Our comprehensive program builds successively upon the mastery and discipline acquired at each grade level, setting a high standard that equips students to excel in any future educational endeavors.

Hernando Christian Academy strives to make educational learning an exciting quest. Lessons ignite the imagination and stimulate thinking. Students grow in their love of literature and in their ability to use written and spoken language skillfully. Students are encouraged to recognize the hand of God in history and explore the patterns of His creation through science and mathematics.

Learning environments and methods are varied to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Students enjoy animated conversations in their foreign language classes and nimble fingers spell out fun messages such as "I love you" in sign language class. Physical activities such as running and playing during physical education classes, shooting a basketball hoop or playing soccer in our Little Lions athletic league help to establish athleticism, coordination, and the importance of physical health. Researching topics and designing projects in our computer lab, or finding a special book in the library help develop the mind.

HCA celebrates the arts with a repertoire that spotlights all forms of talent, from the stage to a painted canvas. Our music program provides students with the opportunity to gain confidence and poise as they perform before audiences of family, friends, and peers. The HCA art program exposes students to the world's most celebrated artists, and in classes students develop their own personal expression and artistic gift.

Specifically designed field trips at each grade level present God's world as an integral part of learning and development. In a trek to Saint Augustine and Tallahassee, fourth grade students learn about the history of Florida. Second grade students hit the road to a fun filled day at Cracker Country, where students experience activities from the days of the pioneers, and buildings and exhibits revealing life before television and radio, a time when families relied on each other for entertainment and work began with the rooster's crow. Children at Hernando Christian Academy, from kindergarten to fifth grade, revel in the rich experiences they gain from these memorable journeys.

Our specialized method of developing study and organizational skills begins in each student at an early age. As schooling progresses, Hernando Christian Academy students increasingly become independent learners, learn to efficiently plan their time, organize their materials, and communicate effectively - invaluable skills in this age of fast-paced information. By training students to use discernment, teachers skillfully prepare them to weigh the ideas and opinions of the world today against the truths in God's Word.

In elementary school, as with all of our programs, classroom lessons, daily Bible classes, and weekly chapel programs encourage students to love God with their hearts, souls and minds (3 John 4). At Hernando Christian Academy loving God with the mind means applying His truth and discovering His principles in every academic area. Loving God with the heart and soul is to know Him and honor Him with every area of our lives. We seek to reflect His character in our lives...to exhibit joyfulness, compassion, honesty, dependability, kindness, respectfulness, diligence, self-control, initiative, and generosity. All curriculum is biblical integrated and taught from a biblical world-view, utilizing both Christian and secular textbooks, to encourage the development of Godly views and character throughout the academic process.

Both in and out of the classroom, Hernando Christian Academy students are trained and encouraged to be virtuous leaders, leaders who are a blessing to those they serve...leaders and lights that will impact the present and the future. Hernando Christian Academy students that complete the elementary program emerge with leadership skills and qualities that will equip them to pursue God's calling in their lives.

Before and After School Care
Childcare is available for families that need additional supervision for their children before school and/or after school hours. Childcare hours available before school are 7:00-8:00am and after school care hours are 12:00-6:00pm for K3 and K4, and 3:00-6:00pm for K5 through 8th grade. Childcare is available only on days when school is in session. Childcare is a separate daily fee billed to participating parents on a monthly basis.

Curriculum & Testing The elementary curriculum is designed in a sequential scaffold of skills and concepts that students are introduced to in the lower elementary grades and build upon throughout the upper elementary grades. With the central goal of creating lifelong learners, the elementary program presents a wide variety of learning opportunities for students in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Students are also encouraged and expected to develop spiritually through Bible classes and the integration of Biblical principles throughout all of the content areas. In addition to the core classes, students have physical education, computer application, music, art and Spanish classes.

HCA administers a standardized test to all incoming students from K3 through 5th grade. The test fee is included in the application fee. This testing is used to evaluate incoming students to identify those students with the potential for success at our school.

Elementary students at HCA participate in standardize testing each year, which usually occurs during the month of April. Elementary students take the state-of-art edition of the Terra Nova Achievement Test. The Terra Nova is a national test known for its academic standard of excellence and is used to measure student progress across the United States. This excellent instrument is a valid and reliable tool for objective measurement of student achievement.

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